moderated GoogleChrome crashing with JAWS

Ayers, David (ITCS)



For work, I use a financial package, called Munis, that runs with Google Chrome.  Up until last Thursday, 8/27/2020, everything was working ok.  I am using JAWS version 2020.2008.24 and Windows 10 Professional 1909.


Now, when I go into any of the modules and press the JAWS cursor key (numpad minus), Google Chrome crashes.  After a couple minutes, or after pressing the esc key, I get the message that Google Chrome is not responding.  I have deleted the cache and  deleted and reinstalled Chrome with no difference.  I had a sight assistance try to run the modules without JAWS running and it ran fine.  Loading JAWS after the modules were open, results in the same crash.  I tried using MS Edge Chromium and it worked for about a day then it also started to crash att he same point as Chrome.  Unfortunately, JAWS is the only screen reader that will work with these modules.  I have tried NVDA and Narrator, but they don’t give any speech output with these screens.


I am also reaching out to the software vendor to see if they have any ideas.




David Ayers


(607) 687-8294


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