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Something else is using what are commonly called ALT codes, and they can be very handy for certain "odd symbols" that you use frequently, though it does require using the number pad as the numeric entry.

See:  (I do not know whether this page is accessible as far as what will be read for the table, as it shows the digit(s) you need to type while ALT is held down, using the number pad, next to the actual symbol it would produce.  There are scads of these and even I don't know how each one of those characters would be announced.

But, for one example, if you are in MS-Word and want to insert the degree symbol, make sure that you're in the position where you want it and that number lock for the number pad is ON before you start the sequence - hold down ALT and while doing so enter 0176 on the number pad.

Also see: 

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