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I don't believe I have an answer to your question. I would think that if you copied a group of messages on the same topic from your digest email, they should all be present when you paste that copied group to your text file. I don't know of a way to change the order which I imagine will be from most recent to oldest unless you can change the order they are presented in your digest email, i.e., the source from which you are copying. The ability to sort by date is more of a database function that isn't available with most clipboards without doing a good bit of work on the copied objects.


You might give the Ditto Clipboard Manager a try. It is an outstanding accessible Windows utility that gives you a lot of additional features for managing copied items. I use mine to arrow up and down through everything copied to the clipboard where it is very easy to paste them selectively to a desired target location. I also use its feature that allows pasting so that the target location formatting is used as opposed to the formatting of the copied item. I also often go into edit mode of the copied item where I can change its text. Ditto is free and you can read about and download it from this site:


Alan Lemly


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Sent: Friday, August 28, 2020 6:50 PM
Subject: Copying from clipgboard history


Hello Listers,

I subscribe to the JFW Email list in Digest form. That way I only get one email message each day. As I read through the messages and replies, I like to copy topics that interest me to a text file  for later reference. So far, I’ve been able to copy and paste to a text file only one message or reply at a time. To save time, I’ve tried copying all the messages and replies on a given topic to the Clipboard first, then issue the paste command, but only the last one copied to the Clipboard appears in my text file. When I copy several messages to the Clipboard, they all show up in a file called Clipboard History. I can open that file with keystroke windows + V. Do any of you know how to paste that file to a text document? And if that’s possible, can it be done so the messages don’t paste in reverse order?





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