moderated Copying from clipgboard history

Paul Filpus

Hello Listers,

I subscribe to the JFW Email list in Digest form. That way I only get one email message each day. As I read through the messages and replies, I like to copy topics that interest me to a text file  for later reference. So far, I’ve been able to copy and paste to a text file only one message or reply at a time. To save time, I’ve tried copying all the messages and replies on a given topic to the Clipboard first, then issue the paste command, but only the last one copied to the Clipboard appears in my text file. When I copy several messages to the Clipboard, they all show up in a file called Clipboard History. I can open that file with keystroke windows + V. Do any of you know how to paste that file to a text document? And if that’s possible, can it be done so the messages don’t paste in reverse order?




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