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Mike & Barbara <mb69mach1@...>

Hi David, Adrian, & Darran,

Thank you very much for your replies & input. From my understanding Fred is
not having any problems with Outlook 2010, just with the rest of the
operating system. I have sent Fred Darran's suggestion & asked him if
ribbons are used exclusively in Outlook 2010 as well. I'll let y'all know
what happens. Thanks again, take care.

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Too vague. Did this person just switch over to Outlook 2010 recently? That
might be the explanation.

In Outlook 2007, Tools is Alt+t, and Options is "O". But I think 2010 is
ribbons now. Someone please confirm.

also don't know what an "Alt" minue is.

Dave Carlson
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Hi All,

I am posting this question for a fellow Jaws abuser, in an effort to get
back up & running.

>I am using windows 7, jaws 13.0 and outlook 2010 and I have lost my
> minues in windows 7 for tools and tools options minue, the alt minue
> and
> applications minue. I have gone through my settings several times and
> can't find anything. I have also rebooted a couple of times but no
> luck.
> Outlook 2010 seems to be OK as best I can tell. I will appreciate any
> help on this as I am baffeled. Thanks much,
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