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There is a Catholic Bible app I downloaded on my iPhone.

It’s completely accessible.

It’s called - Catholic Bible: Bible with Catholic News and Saint a Day


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As a Catholic I'm very familiar with the versions of the Bible to which you are referring. It contains seven additional books in the Old Testament which were eventually removed in most Protestant Bibles, along with some additional portions of Daniel and Esther. The New Testament is identical.

I haven't looked for downloadable software containing Catholic Bibles or study material although I know that it exists but am not sure how accessible they are.

The Bible Gateway does contain several Catholic editions, including the New American Bible, Revised Edition and the Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition. Go to this page to set your preferences as to what edition you want as your default.

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The subject describes what I want. For those who don’t know, the Bible that the Catholic Church uses has more books in it, and parts of other books have additional material, so the Bibles that I’ve found don’t have all that I want. It would also be nice if it were a study Bible, including narratives of the texts, but not necessary.


Thanks in advance



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