moderated Re: could not load braille driver

Ann Byrne

I had this one earlier this week. It has to do with the Windows 10 Braille driver setting. You can't have both Narrator and JAWS displaying Braille.

Press the windows key, and in the searchbox type Braille. Arrow down to 'turn Braille on and off" and press enter.
Be sure the 'turn on Braille' button is off.
Tab to 'add a braille display'. Tab to 'add a Braille display' and ignore it.
Tab again to the list of active Braille displays. there should be two: one that says windows something or other, and one that says Freedom Scientific packmate something or other. Be sure the windows is *not chosen and that the Freedom scientific display is chosen.
Press enter and hope for the best.

Good luck!

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