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I always download and create a usb stick of the latest windows 10 then use it to boot the pc and re format the OS drive and then do a clean install of windows. this is best way to get a clean fast pc. if that is to much for you you just go to add/remove programs and delete all the stuff you dont want.

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Are the systems to small for a 1tb os disk?  What about memory how are they in terms of memory and is the memory the fastest for the motherboard?  I recently baught a dellxsp system that is a good system that has an i7 processor in it with 2 hard drives.  1 of the drives is a 4tb drive but I'll have to check the speed.  I think that the os is a ssd drive but i'll check that just to make sure that it is fast as well.  I do have some questions as to how can I get extra software off of the drive that I didn't ask for?  Thank you for any information that you might have concerning my questions.

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I am also going to upgrade our computers very soon, although in the case of our systems, I will only need to replace the motherboards and the central processing units (CPU(s)). The type of motherboards, will depend upon whether I choose the Intel I7 or, the AMD equivalent. I will probably remove the CD/DVD drives, when I upgrade the systems, as I recently purchased a USB external CD/DVD drive. The systems in our home, have the following drive configuration:
2 120 GB SSD drives, and at least 1 HDD drive for storing data. 1 of the SSD drives is the system drive, which only holds the operating system and any programs which are currently installed on them, and nothing else. At present, all the system drives indicate that the total amount being used on each system drive, is about 40 GB.
the second SSD drive, which is drive F: in all the systems, holds the following folders, which have been moved from the system drive to drive F:, Contacts; Documents; Downloads; Favourites; Dropbox; and the folders used by the preferred email client. In addition: Music;  Pictures; Saved Games; Searches; Videos; can also be moved to drive f:. Unfortunately, in Windows 10, there does not seem to be a way of moving: Microsoft Edge Backups; One Drive; or the Public folder; from the system drive to drive F:. I do not use Microsoft Edge or One Drive, however, I would have liked to have been able to move the Public folder to drive F:, as I was able to do in Windows 7. Lastly, drive F: can be used to store the Windows pagefile.sys file
By moving the abovementioned folders to drive F, and not using the system drive for storing miscellaneous data, it means that when I use Image for Windows to create image backups of the system drive, I do not have to worry about losing up-to-date important data, if I need to restore an image to the system drive in the future. This would also apply, if I were to use other imaging software.
The HDD drive, I use to store any other form of data.
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It’s looking like I will be searching for a new desktop computer.  I have not been able to figure out what makes the most difference in the speed or snappiness of the computer when using Jaws with typical applications.  So, I’d appreciate any information you techy types can pass along.


I know Ram makes a big difference.  What I don’t know is how much RAM is helpful and how much is overkill.


How much difference does multiple thread processing make?  How many threads are a good number to shoot for?


How much difference does an SSD drive make?  If they make a significant difference in speed, what files should be on them?


Being totally blind I don’t need a fancy display.  But, does a better video card affect the speed of the computer?


Are there other ways to increase the speed of the computer?



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