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i have been using BBVA for almost 20 years. it's a breeze to use online.

On 8/28/2020 11:38 AM, Norma A. Boge wrote:

I’ve used Bank of America bill pay on my Pc and it is accessible.  

The BofA Android app is also accessible with TalkBack. HTH Norma


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Subject: Re: Jaws and bank Web sites


I have used Bank of America quite successfully with Jaws and also with their app on an iPhone with VoiceOver.

It is one of the more screen reader friendly banks.

Capital One is as well.

I’ve not used Wells Fargo or chase.





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Subject: Jaws and bank Web sites


I would like some suggestions for Banking sites that work well wit  Jaws for on line bill paying.

I have used Citi bank for years, they have changed their on line bill pay Web pages and it is difficult. Took me 30 minutes this morning to pay one bill and when I clicked on make another payment it took me off to a page that had nothing to do with bill pay.

Would like to hear experiences with Bank America, Wells Fargo and Chase from those using them.  Thanks, Tom

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