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CathyAnne Murtha <cathy@...>

Try this.

1. Open the ribbon search edit field (ALT-Q)
2. Input - Switch Ribbons
3. Press DOWN ARROW until “Switch Ribbons” is selected

If it’s checked, Press ENTER to uncheck it. That should fix the issue.


CathyAnne Murtha
Access Technology Institute
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CathyAnne Murtha
Access Technology Institute, LLC
Phone: (520) 955-6611

On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 7:30 PM -0700, "HH. Smith Jr." <josham129@...> wrote:



Has anyone encountered the situation where the menu bar opens with JAWS annunciating menu has pop up; but when you hit enter or spacebar nothing happens. It is driving me nuts. I am trying to sort a list of items but it will not let me get to the sort button in the Home menu.

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