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Vaughn Brown

Thank you very much. These steps were helpful. I am not fully familiar
with the new key commands with JFW 2020 even though I am using it.

On 8/26/20, CathyAnne Murtha <cathy@...> wrote:
The controls you want to access are buttons. Navigate buttons in a couple

JAWS for Windows Navigation Quick Keys B and SHIFT-B

Display a list of buttons CTRL-JAWS KEY-B, select a button, and press ENTER

Here are the steps you need:

1. Open the Facebook Home Page
2. Locate the "What's on your mind" button and press SPACEBAR to
activate it

The new post page opens.

1. Navigate to the "More" button and press SPACEBAR to activate it
2. This opens a small dialog with more buttons
3. Navigate to the "Live Video" button and activate it with SPACEBAR

That opens the Live producer. This is where you can create a live video.


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I guess nobody have any answer or suggestion for me.


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Hello All

I have jaws 2020 and laptop computer window10 !! I want to know if anyone
of you ever try to do facebook live video with yourself on <> on google chrome or internet
explorer website ? If so how do you do it step by step ? Because my friend
was helping me and I call microsoft disability support on yesterday so my
friend can tell support what she see on website to tell them to send me
instruction on google chrome website !! Here what the lady support told
below and I try to press insert f7 it not saying what the lady support
instruction so I have to keep tabbing

How to do facebook live:

1. Log in to you facebook account.
2. On the Home page, keep on pressing tab until you heard more post
option then press enter.
3. Keep on pressing tab until you hear live video then press enter.

Keep pressing tab until you heared go live then enter

I will appreciate if any answer from anyone and thank you


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