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bob Logue posted an informative post about a word processing program called
Jarte that I'll copy below. He posted it in 2010, but several listers have
since written favorably about it. It may well have improved in the
intervening eighteen months. First, however, I urge you to take care not to
be penny foolish. Compared to all your other college expenses, a recognized
word processing application may well give you much greater value than its
cost. I have no experience working with Jarte, so that isn't meant as a
review. I'm only urging you to make sure you've carefully evaluated how
important an updated version of MS Word might be to your education.

Here is Bob's post:

Try Jarte
Basic version is free. Not sure what paid version has extra. I only have
free version.

Cons of free version, don't know about paid version:

Does not have macros.

Cursor sometimes gets stuck in tables created by other programs in rtf
format. Possible Jaws issue?

Find and replace has limits. For example: Can not find line breaks. Hard
to replace mistaken apostrophes with proper quotes when at beginning of

Find also has trouble finding special characters if looking for a group,
(more than one).


Easy to learn.

Screen reader mode automatically selected when screenreader is detected.

Settings in .ini file.

Bookmarking available for most formats except plane text.

Works with .rtf and .doc files.

Easy spell checker.

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Hi Guys!
i'm new here and was wandering if anyone can help me resolve an issue or
suggest an alternative.
I am currently studying and my trial version of Microsoft office has expired
and i don't want to buy a license as college is expensive as it is.
I downloaded as i used it before i became a JAWS user, but have
now found that JAWS does not work with it, like on the main screen where is
asks if you want to use a word, spreadsheet or presentation layout or open
an existing document all JAWS will say is link and won't tell you what the
options are I'm using JAWS 11 and 3.3.
is anyone ese having the same trouble or know of a free or cheap word
processing and powerpoint making software?
i hope my enquiry made sense
thanks in advance!
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