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This is really useful - thank you!

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Hi Rahul/all,
I would hit jawskey-v from within word, type footnotes on the search box and alter the option to have footnotes read instantly. With 365, I do not face this problem, but just remember I did have a similar problem, which I mended by turning off gui, again using jawskey-v and typing gui in the search box. Just turn this off if you have it on, but do not ask me much about its functionality for I am ignorant too, or better, have not understood what it does when turned on.
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Subject: A question about footnote detection


I am facing the following problem. When reading articles that come with footnotes, JAWS is saying 'one footnote reference' for sentences that have footnotes. Normally, at the end of the sentence, it says 'footnote [and then whatever number the footnote has]. Now, however, it simply says footnote reference. I cannot determine what FN number it is referring to. So I cannot check the content of the footnote from the footnote area. Does anyone have any solutions?

I use JAWS 2020 and Word 16.


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