Re: Jaws accessible compilers in C++

Soronel Haetir

I use both msvc and gcc depending on what I am doing. On windows they
are nearly universal for c++. There are a few others, intel's and
borland's products being the next most popular.

Really, any C++ compiler is going to work as the compiler is just a
console program that accepts a largish number of command switches and
other input and spits out the result file along with any diagnostic

What your question is really asking is about code editors, which are
not the same thing as compilers at all. For that task I use visual
studio almost exclusively, even for code that is going to get fed to

On 3/4/12, John Martyn <> wrote:
Hi all,
I was wondering what C++ compiler I might use that is compatible with JAWS.
I am starting a project that I need to program an application. I will have
to learn the language, but it helps to have something compatible first.
John Martyn

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