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David Griffith

How frustrating  especially if there is no sighted help on hand.


Do you have  access to a Smart phone to get some sighted help like Be My Eyes etc. Or even a Skype zoom call where you can show  the problem to someone sighted who can solve it for you?


Personally though what I normally do in your situation is

Phone up a friend/relative.

Get them to get onto their Windows PC.

Both of us run Quick Assist  from the start menu.

This windows utility is completely accessible with Jaws.

Then we can screen share and actually for example my daughter has completed the screen capture for me on her laptop without any intervention from me. She can completely take over my machine.


You need to have a Microsoft account login for this to work but oddly although my daughter does not have a Microsoft account she can still log into Quick Assist  on her laptop using my Microsoft login, even though I am also logged in under this account on my Desktop.

Make sure you complain about the capture when you eventually get through.

Hope that helps.

David G.


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From: Mario
Sent: 18 August 2020 17:10
Subject: Re: PowerMixer stopped working


as far as I can find, there is a contact form where I can ask them about

this or other issues, but it has a blasted visual CAPTCHA but there's no

audio version or an address to directly email them.


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Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 11:57 AM

Subject: PowerMixer stopped working

It sounds like an issue for Power Mixer support and possible update of

their program.


Have you contacted them?


David G.


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*From: *Mario <mailto:mrb620@...>

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*Subject: *PowerMixer stopped working


when my computer was still on Windows 10 version 1909, Power Mixer 3.81


worked as usual. but since Windows 10 upgraded to version 2004, Power


Mixer stopped working, even if I manually launch it, but is still


installed and is still set to start up at boot up. what can I do to get


PM working again? advise?








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