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Richard B. McDonald

Hi Ralph!


The most important things for speed are 1) RAM and 2) an SSD.  Of course, a decent microprocessor is important as well; but anything equal to or greater than an Intel P5 are more than adequate - unless you are doing a lot of video editing.  Recently, I got a Lenovo P330 with 16 GB of RAM, a 1 TB SSD and a P5 processor.  The one I got is the “mini tower” form factor.  I like the Lenovo because of its reliability.  Less than 8 GB of RAM is underpowered, more than 16 GB of RAM is overkill.  As for a hard drive, you can probably get away with 500 GB, but 1 TB provides for many years of growth.  An SSD is far better than a HDD both in terms of speed and reliability.  This PC ought to take me many years down the road.


Nowadays, I see a lot of people doing things like putting their OS (Windows) on an SSD, and then all their apps and data files on a HDD; both drives being in their PC.  Yes, it does yield an uptick in speed.  However, we are talking about nanoseconds.  And, it is sort of tricky to setup, and may be a little less reliable (or at least not more).  For anyone other than an egghead, all that is overkill





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Subject: Specs for a new desktop computer


It’s looking like I will be searching for a new desktop computer.  I have not been able to figure out what makes the most difference in the speed or snappiness of the computer when using Jaws with typical applications.  So, I’d appreciate any information you techy types can pass along.


I know Ram makes a big difference.  What I don’t know is how much RAM is helpful and how much is overkill.


How much difference does multiple thread processing make?  How many threads are a good number to shoot for?


How much difference does an SSD drive make?  If they make a significant difference in speed, what files should be on them?


Being totally blind I don’t need a fancy display.  But, does a better video card affect the speed of the computer?


Are there other ways to increase the speed of the computer?



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