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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi again, Larry. Also, there is another button in the View tab called side-by-side. Make sure this is not checked.


Bill White



From: [] On Behalf Of Larry Gassman
Sent: Sunday, August 16, 2020 11:50 AM
Subject: Page Breaks in Microsoft Word



Not sure if I’ve sent something to this list about this.

Something has changed.
I used to be able to arrow through a document and  read it from beginning to end.

Now I hear at the end of page 1 dialogue I’ve written, and it goes to page 3 and skips page 2 etc.

I think I’ve fixed this issue before but don’t think I kept that piece of information.

I do not hear this in Narrator at all.  I do hear it with all versions of JAWS on my PC.





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