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Ashleigh Piccinino

Please press CTRL windows and k for setting the placemarker. Then, just hit the letter k to jump back into the position of that marker. This sets a temporary mark, of course, but another way is to press CTRL shift and k to get into the placemarker dialog. Then, you just name your marker and press the okay button. This is also the same keystroke, CTRL shift and k if you want to delete a more permanent marker like the one I just showed you. The temporary mark, placed with windows CTRL and k moves as you move it down the document/no need to delete the previous mark.

Ashleigh Piccinino


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From: louise peyton
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2020 2:22 PM
Subject: jaws and pdf files


Hello, list:

When reading a pdf file, how do I insert a place marker using Jaws then return to find that spot?  Thanks in advance.



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