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I use Password Safe for my Windows installations and PW Safe for my Mac and iPhone.  There is also a version for Android.  It is open source software and regardless of the platform they share one database.  I keep my database on my iCloud Drive and then run iCloud for Windows so I have access to the file on all of my devices.  The Windows version is free, but the Mac/iPhone had a nominal charge.  I purchased the software about 8 years ago so I don’t remember the exact cost, but I think it was $15.  It is very accessible on Windows (with JAWS and Narrator), iPhone and Mac with Voice Over.  I have reached out to the developer on several occasions and he has been extremely responsive and takes accessibility very seriously.

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Hi List,
I'm preparing a presentation for late September where I'll discuss electronic password managers. While I intend to focus on KeePass, I also want to mention any others that folks are successfully using. The only criteria is that they be accessible and work both with a computer and a portable device. Another person will be presenting on 1Password so if anyone can offer other recommendations meeting my criteria, I would very much appreciate it.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.
Alan Lemly

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