moderated need the windows 8.1 nvda talking pe where's can i download it from

Marvin Hunkin

Hi. Some one on the audio games net site did have windows 8.1. talking win pe.

Where do I download it. Got the windows 7 talking pe, and then when I try to install via my external drive, says the file  is incompatible.

Can any one help. So either need the windows 8.1 or the windows 10 talking iso. Did try setting up the blind help project, and got the 64 bit version. And then waited for five or ten minutes. No speech came up. With the win 7 version, it does come up. So need this either for 8.1 or 10. Any one got this.


Have tried googling. And also how do I contact the owners of the audio games site. Did try to contact them, but they either don’t have an e-mail address or a form.


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