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Hi Ralph,

Here, I am really happy with my Trkez Air from Aftershokz. Get a description of it behind this link:

I admit that bone conduction technology may appear quite disruptive but since it is very responsive with all the screen readers I'm used to, and with my Android smartphone, the only reason why I am still using regular headphones is when I want to listen to music.

The 6 hours battery life is when you use it for continuous audio streaming but in regular screen reader use conditions, I can keep it running 8 hours or so without needing to recharge it. I bought it two years ago now and the battery is performant enough yet.

Finally, although the option to avoid Bluetooth connection cutoffs while running Jaws 2020 is definitely an enhancement, my Trekz Air remains still useable with this option turned off. However, since turning it on does not seem to significantly drain the battery more than before, I always keep it on on my laptop.

HTH, Have a nice day. Chris D

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Are there any Bluetooth headphones that are responsive enough to use with my laptop? It would be a bonus if the same ones worked well with my iPhone XR.


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