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and don't forget that there are my helpful notes (loads of them) off my grab bag site: (address/link under my name)
there are some audio training files on blind cool tech:

and also some superb ones on the blind-geek-zone website:

and this from Microsoft itself:
List, here is the direct link to the Microsoft web site for the article to help get you oriented to windows 7 entitled
"Accessibility-transitioning to windows 7".
It is 20 pages long, has excellent descriptions and includes a very usable
set of tables with short cut keys that we all need to know and use if we
cannot access the mouse.

Have fun.

hope these are helpful,
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I've been using 7 for almost a year and don't really notice many differences between it and Vista. I really like it aside from a few things I wish I could find out how to do. And, this is said from the lady that came into Windows from Unix kicking and screaming. LOL I think you'd be OK with 7 unless you use a lot of old programs that aren't compatible with it. I've only found one that I couldn't find a good replacement yet for.
Good luck and email me privately if you need or want any help.
Lisa D Porter

On 7/15/2011 5:50 PM, Farfar on Laptop wrote:
I may be soon migrating (disassociating?) to Windows 7 on my work machine as
it's time for a new laptop. Do any of you feel it incumbent to stop me
before I do something regretful? I do have the option of having my new
laptop fitted with XP Pro, 32-bit. Henceforth my request for your sage
advice, everyone.

Dave Carlson
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care about readers of my mail. From my soon-to-not-be Dell Latitude 630 in
the general vicinity of my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco
Bay Area.

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