moderated Re: Course or guide for audio editing recordings JAWS2020


Hello Richard,
Thank you for your reply. I see that Doug Lee has scripts for Gold
wave. Should these be downloaded or are there scripts from Brian that
come with his course?

On 8/10/20, Richard Turner <> wrote:
He also has a course on Goldwave which in my opinion is the most accessible
audio editor, unless you need to do multitrack files, as in blending
separate channels, etc.
But for straight editing, it is all keyboard based and Doug lee's scripts
are enough to get you going, but I believe Brian has more advanced scripts
that come along with the course.
GoldWave is $50 to purchase, but the trial version is fully functional so
you can be sure it works for you before buying a license.
He is also working on an iOS app which will be able to use the same
A friend took his course on Goldwave and speaks highly of it.

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On Aug 10, 2020, at 12:13 PM, Shai <> wrote:

I am looking for a course or guide of some kind for being able to edit
audio recordings with JAWS2020. I don't have a particular program for
doing this in mind yet, but I have heard that audacity is the most
accessible. I did try to follow the guide but I found that I could not
edit with it and it was overwhelming for me.
I did some research online and I see that Brian Hartgen has a course
for Reaper but it seems that the packages for Osara and Reaaccess are
not being distributed any longer.
Does anyone know of a course or guide of some kind that can be followed?
Thank you in advance.

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