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Hi Nickus,

I'm really sorry, I misrepresented what I am looking for. What I want to do
is stop Jaws from reporting / saying the tab settings while in a Word
document. You know 1.0 inches, 1.5 inches, etc.

I know I can do this in Speech & Sound Schemes or via the keystroke,
Control, Shift, + 8 on the number row or through Quick Settings but, I'm
trying to find out if the tab settings announcement can be turned off by
any other means in the Word program . Thanks much, take care.

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Go in to the jaws settings center, press k to go down to keyboard and
right arrow to open it, arrow down to manage key labels and press
space bar to enter it, once it entered press t to go down to tab or
arrow down to it, it will say Tab speak, you must press space then it
will say tab mute, then just apply and click ok or exit whatever I
can't exactly remember. Just remember now your tab key won't be spoken
throughout your computer in all applications.

On 3/3/12, Mike & Barbara <> wrote:
> Hi All, In Word 2002 / 2003, with XP, & J13, how can I stop Tabs from
> spoken? I have, Tab Measurement Indication, unchecked / turned off in
> Quick Settings but, the tabs are still being spoken. All help will be
> greatly appreciated. Thanks much, take care.
> Mike
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