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Hi Richard,


I just downloaded the Audible scripts from Doug Lee's website and I am also using Edge. I had to go through the same steps, e.g. I had to allow the download and when I tried to install I also had to tell it to go ahead and install the program anyways. However, afterwards when I opened the Audible app and pressed Jaws Key + Q, I was told I had "Audible Revision 64" and the scripts definitely work well. I can go through my library and if I press Shift + F10 on a particular title I get options such as View Summary, Mark as Finished, Download etc.



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I've never installed any of his scripts, so this is only a guess.  Try looking in the J2020 ENU folder or look in Manage Application settings in the Jaws context menu.  To get to manage application settings press, Insert + J, then press the letter, O, to open Options, then press the letter, M, to open manage...

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I decided to try the Microsoft Audible app and installed Doug Lee’s scripts, over the objection of Windows Defender.


When I launch the Audible app and press insert+q, there is no information about a revision number, which leads me to believe they did not install correctly if at all.  It shows Jaws 2020 as the version I’m installing the scripts for.


Any of you Jaws Gurus have any idea how else to check the script installation?


This is out of my depth.




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