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On Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 10:50 PM, Chris Hill wrote:
Before you print you may need to check the printer options in the envelope dialog, they may not be set right.
My guess is this is the root of the problem.  Most multifunction printer/scanner/fax machines allow you to do single envelopes from the "quick feed" if you so choose, but you can also put them in the main paper tray (and always with print side down if using the main tray) and adjust the edge rails.

But if you don't set your paper type in MS-Word, for instance, to Envelope #10 (I'm presuming a standard business envelope here), the print will hang in most cases because you have an envelope in the machine, but the paper type is most likely set to letter.

I always make my self a blank envelope file that I keep as my permanent template, where I've saved same with the paper type set to envelope.

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