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Jim Weiss

Typically you need to use the bypass tray for envelope printing.  There is usually a visual interpretation printed on the bypass tray to direct you on how to place the envelope.  It shows if the flap should be up or down and if the flap should be on the right or left.
Typically you will need some sighted assistance the first time so you can make notes for future reference.
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The printer I have is a Brother MFC-J497DW.
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It may be able to, at least indirectly.    A more direct approach would be getting sighted assistance to look at what the printer display (I'm presuming it has one) might be saying, whether that assistance is "in the flesh" or via Be My Eyes or Aira.

Does the machine make any sort of noise whatsoever when you hit the copy key?  They can be set up to scan/copy to the computer, resulting in a file rather than print copy.

If it's not making any noise, you're probably going to have to find out what the status is on its display before you can move forward.  If it is making noise, you may be able to use JAWS with the configuration software to switch it from doing "to computer" copy/scan to doing "to print."

Also, most of these machines have a copy button, which really should typically produce a hard copy, and a scan button.  If you're hearing activity, you may have activated the scan button rather than copy.  I can't really know how this machine is set up without a model number to go on.
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