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He wants it for putting into a vmWare (virtual machine) , which is a virtual
space in your operating system where you can install operating systems.
Aside from that, one may still have a use for a WinPE, if you need to access
your operating system or hard drive without booting into your windows.

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You don't need it anymore, if you are using Windows 10 recent

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Marvin Hunkin wrote:

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Hi. Need the bryan smart talking windows pe, and when I try to go to his
site, it is no longer there. So does any one have that still. Last or
version, and send me a link, so I can download.

The blind help project talking win pe does not work with vmware player and
says eufi not supported.

And do have ueif and secure boot on my assuss vivo book laptop.

Able to help.


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