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this is a common happening (the announcement of "outlook express") and comes from the code used to create windows mail and... windows live mail, it was a talked about item when folks just started using windows 7 and WLM.

so the problem lies else where, make sure she has all windows maximized, and that the preview pain is turned off (there are notes on doing all of this in the information package for windows 7 and the one for WLM on my grabbag site, see address/link under my name)

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Sounds like having Outlook Express on that machine is confusing things. It
needs to be removed, since it does not run on Windows 7 (or so I've been

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Good afternoon,

I am trying to help someone with WLM. She has been reading her mail with
JAWS 12 but today although WLM shows the message list it doesn't read the
message when it is opened.

I noticed that when she opens WLM JAWS says something about outlook Express.
She tells me she had programs from her old computer transferred to her new
window seven, but that was some time ago.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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