moderated Re: Jaws2020 laptop window10 for a friend

Marie <>

To have insert plus J, Jaws must be running in the system tray. This is accomplished by going into Options/Basics and arrowing down to the option to run Jaws from the system tray.


On 8/6/2020 7:08 PM, Randy Barnett wrote:
Press insert plus J that'll bring the Jaws menu up.

Randy Barnett

On Aug 6, 2020, at 3:59 PM, O.Addison Gethers <o.addisongethers@...> wrote:

Hello All

My friend name Cynthia  have laptop window10  computer and jaws2020 ,when I call her this afternoon  she wanted me to do jaws tandem on her laptop  but there is a problem  when I ask her to press insert key + j for Jaws  I don’t hear it’s jaws at all so I ask her to press alt + tab til she hear it’s say jaws on the window so nothing at all too. So she doesn’t remember who installed jaws2020  on her laptop and programs her computer too. So I told her there is no way I can do jaws tandem if she doesn’t have jaws window screen on her laptop !! What does she need to do to get jaws windows to be activate on window screen to say jaws ??  Does anyone have any idea on other way I can do jaws tandem on her laptop ?



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