Re: how to edit in word with Jaws


To change font color in Word 2010, press Alt-H then "F" and then "C". You are then in the "Font" dialogue box and have to navigate around via "tab", or using arrow keys.

Should be similar in Word 2007. In Word 2003, which if I remember correctly, has the old menus (not the "Ribbon"), it should be possible to do something very similar, perhaps with slightly different keyboard shortcuts.

On a related topic, Word does have a built-in method of tracking changes, if you want to use it.

The following documentation explains how to use the feature in Word 2007, but it should be similar in Word 2010.

Here is a full tutorial:

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i have a document from someone in Word and I would like to make my changes
in a different color; how do I do this and review it using Jaws?

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