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O.Addison Gethers

Ok  and thanks



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Subject: Re: Jaws2020 google chrome video


Ctrl-m is “mute” so the video would keep playing, but there’ll be no sound. It’s a toggle. I believe it works as well in Chrome.


Puse, stop, etc, are usually controls on the player app that whatever website you are on is using. Sometimes there are keyboard shortcuts, sometimes not. Youtube is a good one because it’s easily controllable. Is that what you are using, or is it something else?




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Subject: Jaws2020 google chrome video


Hi All

I’m using jaws2020  and desktop and laptop computer window10 !! How to pause or stop video playing on google chrome ? I will appreciate if anyone can give me answer . I know in firefox  to pause or stop  video playing is ctrl m



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