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Hi, Swati. This is really good info. I have a question. Is it possible, using this program, to mark a particular portion of a long video and create a new video file using what the part you extracted?
John Riehl

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You may try Microsoft Photo app.
I am not clearly sure about the accessibility with Jaws but I tried with Narrator and it is working quite good.
If Narrator is accessible then of course Jaws will be.
1. Open Photo app from start menu.
2. Navigate to new video menu and select blank video and hit enter.
3. Give a name to your video and hit ok button.
4. In the next window activate add button > from this PC and select the file you want to upload.
(Note: You will have to upload the files one by one).
5. After adding all the files in the window select the files in the order you want to keep . Remember, the last file that you uploaded is selected by default therefore you will have to unselect it so as to manage the correct order of your video.
6. Now navigate to "place in story board" and hit enter. Now all the files are placed in story board in the order in which you have selected.
7. You can choose play button to listen to your merged video . You can also explore the options like background music, 3D effects and so on if you want.

8. If you want you also try the trim option to trim your video in case you need.
9. Now go to finish button and hit enter.
10. In the window, select export . Choose file dialog box will appear select the location where you want to save the file. Your exporting will begin and once done the created video will play automatically.
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On 8/6/20, Debbie April Yuille <> wrote:
Hi All

Does anyone know of a video editor that will let me merge videos
seamlessly together that works with JAWS.



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