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Milton Ota



If you are using the latest version of JAWS 2020 and the latest update from Zoom Communication, you can silence speech when someone comes into the room by pressing Windows Key + S and you should hear the prompt Alerts on/off. It is a toggle command. I’m not sure if it works with older versions of JAWS. By default since JAWS 2019 Brian Hartgen gave Freedom Scientific the free version of his scripts to be installed with JAWS.


There are scripts you can purchase from Brian Hartgen and I understand those scripts help especially if you are hosting/co-hosting/managing a Zoom meeting. Otherwise the scripts that comes with JAWS is fine. Not sure of the price for the paid scripts of Zoom from Brian Hartgen.


Also Zoom has a bunch of keyboard commands that don’t require scripts and it is written as part of the Zoom client. Check the Zoom website for those keyboard commands.





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Subject: Controlling JAWS in Zoom Meeting


Dear Listers:


When I join a zoom meeting using my computer JAWS always tells me when someone joins or leaves a meeting.  Is there any way I can stop JAWS from doing this all the time?




Rick Miller


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