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Sean Murphy

Firstly, scrips are not required for WebEx. You need to understand the screen layout which is a big Barrier for some uses.

On the left-hand side of the screen is all the controls which open up chat, polls, attendees etc. This content is contained on the left side on the screen and you access it by using f6 . CTRL Tab switches between the attendees, chats, etc. F6 takes you back to the main controls. Tab goes between all the different options. You have to press the chat button to make the available chats visible on the right-hand side.  on the Cisco website there is a bunch of shortcut keys available for WebEx. I did not know what they all are.  

My experience is the part 

On 4 Aug 2020, at 9:43 am, Mark Fisher <fishsilv@...> wrote:

Hi, would love to talk direct as our organisation uses WebEx and whilst I've already highlighted a couple of things to their accessibility team i.e. no keystroke for turning video on and off in WebEx Meetings, or raise your hand, I'd be keen to provide some other direct feedback.   
Mark Fisher
Principal - HR Systems
Water Corporation

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