moderated jaws 2019 with 3 brailledisplays

William Windels



I don’t understand where the key-assignments for different brailledisplays are stored.



My old computer had key-assignements in jaws 2019 for a focus2, 80 cells, a focus5 80 cells display and a handytech braille star 80.


When starting with my new computer, I exported all my settings from jaws2019 into a .sbak-file from my old computer and I imported it with success in my new computer.


On the new computer, it seems that not all the types of displays had the same key-assignements like on the old computer.

I tought there is only one default.jkm file for all displays , it should be stored there and for shore, it should be in the .sbak-file?

But this works probably on another way?


What is needed to have all my key-assignements back like on my old computer?

All hints are very welcome.


Kind regards,


William Windels


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