moderated Webex

Phillip Gross

So I have used Zoom with jaws and am fairly proficient with it but I really haven't used Webex at all. My wife got a job with Cisco a few months ago and between the stories about lack of security on Zoom a few months ago and Cisco owning Webex I hear plenty of Zoom evil because she hears plenty of Webex perfect Zoom bad conversations and relays them to me.

Anyway we got to talking about and I really didn't know how accessible Webex was. I did a quick google search, when I did it i didn't have the time to dig deeply, and I found that while there was a little bit of information on Webex Teams there wasn't much on using Webex for meetings ETC. so I thought I would get the experiences on here and maybe see if she would try to pass them on. How accessible is Webex? What problems do you have with it, what do you like about it, what changes could you suggest, is there anything else I should know? Is there a list of jaws scripts that help when using Webex? I'll probably post the same question on the NVDA list although come to think about it I have always used Zoom with JAWS and don't even know how well it works with NVDA.

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