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On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 02:04 PM, Van Lant, Robin wrote:
I don’t have admin privileges to make some setting change for it to fully install.
Another battle I've had to engage in for multiple users of assistive technology (AT) of all sorts.  AT tends to need to update on a relatively frequent basis, and will most often do so on its own, but that feature is useless if the end-user cannot rely on it.

On some occasions, I have managed to get IT to create a special admin account where the login to same is tracked that allows the user to do the update when it comes along, and on others have made the IT department have a "drop everything now" policy (informal, of course) where the user could call with regard to an AT update and it would go to the top of the list.  These things are generally so quick and easy that if IT will not change its formal policies they are often willing to be a lot more flexible about providing direct service when needed.  It's not like it's every other day, either, but updates to AT usually aren't "purely decorative" in nature.

And the excuse, "Well, you could do your job before without {insert new feature that would make you so much faster and more efficient}," generally doesn't fly if your boss and, if needed, HR are behind you.   Reasonable accommodations are just that, and when a technology pops up that makes work life "more reasonable" and poses no credible security threat or other impediment (e.g., lack of HIPAA compliance), at least here in the USA providing same is legally obligatory.

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