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Les Kriegler

Hi David,
Great info and great timing! I was trying to save a protected document and enable editing about an hour ago and Jaws crashed. I've made the changes you recommended.
Best Regards,


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Unfortunately, this is a known issue.

I have read that the following workaround should remedy this problem.

1. From within Word press insert+v to bring up the JAWS options dialog.

2. In the edit field type "UIA" without the quotes.

3. Look for the option "USE UIA in Word 365 Documents" and uncheck this option.

4. Press enter twice to close the dialog and to save this change.

Here is the relevant help text pertaining to this feature.

Since Office 2013, JAWS has started to rely on UI Automation (UIA) provided by Microsoft, in order to provide the most robust solution for documents in Office.
Microsoft is making significant changes in UIA in the ongoing development of Office 365 and this control, when unchecked, gives users an opportunity to rely only on the Document Object Model rather than UIA. This could be useful for users who are using Office 365 and run into any issues that might have been introduced by recent changes in UIA.
Restart Word after changing this setting for your changes to take effect.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist JAWS Certified, 2019

On 8/2/2020 9:51 AM, Sameer wrote:

Dear List members,

Whenever I close Word using Alt+F4, JAWS will freeze for about 30
seconds & automatically resume speech afterwards. But all keystrokes
typed by me during the 30-second interval (For example, moving to the
desktop, launching another program using hotkeys) will be executed
even if JAWS is silent. Also, if I close the Word document using
CTRL+F4 instead of closing Word entirely, this freezing of JAWS does
not happen. The freezing does not happen if I close other Office
programs like Excel or Powerpoint.

This behaviour has been observed for the past couple of weeks with
both JAWS 2019 & JAWS 2020. My OS is Windows 10 version 1909 build
18363.959 & Office
version is 2016 subscription version.

Kindly suggest me how I can stop the freezing of JAWS whenever I close

Thanking all in advance for any & all suggestions.

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