moderated JAWS freezes when I close Word


Dear List members,

Whenever I close Word using Alt+F4, JAWS will freeze for about 30 seconds & automatically resume speech afterwards. But all keystrokes typed by me during
the 30-second interval (For example, moving to the desktop, launching another program using hotkeys) will be executed even if JAWS is silent. Also, if
I close the Word document using CTRL+F4 instead of closing Word entirely, this freezing of JAWS does not happen. The freezing does not happen if I close
other Office programs like Excel or Powerpoint.

This behaviour has been observed for the past couple of weeks with both JAWS 2019 & JAWS 2020. My OS is Windows 10 version 1909 build 18363.959 & Office
version is 2016 subscription version.

Kindly suggest me how I can stop the freezing of JAWS whenever I close Word.

Thanking all in advance for any & all suggestions.

Mr. Sameer Latey

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