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Abraham Sweiss

And then there is reality.  If Freedom Scientific servers do not meet the requirements of gdPR, the California privacy  LAWS, Hippa or what ever regulation the company has to comply with,  with the risk of fines up to4% of revenue,  what would it be cheaper to do.  Find a reason to let go of the person demanding this specific  accommodation or risk the fine.


I agree if this specific function of jaws is required to complete the day to day operations of the job the company should work with Freedom Scientific,  but if you do not work with the employer and understand their point of view, then  in the end things will not work out well for everyone.


And I suspect the first question from the employer will be that since picture smart is a relatively new function in jaws, how were you able to get your job done before this feature was added.


Now I do not want to seem argumentative and I am fortunate  to work with a US company that has to comply with all the above regulations and I need to take a class once a year for several of the above regulations to ensure I understand the laws.   And they are able to provide the needed accommodations.  However if that company had to way the risks of their consumers privacy, which law do you think they will follow.


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From: Brian Vogel
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On Sat, Aug 1, 2020 at 04:56 PM, Abraham Sweiss wrote:

You need to take into consideration the GDP our rules, the California privacy laws, and what other regulations your company has to follow.

I need to take into consideration what I believe to be the presented scenario:  A US company operating out of the US.  

The HR person, in consultation with legal, if needed, can decide what regulations must be followed.  And if there are conflicts (and often there are) which regulation takes precedence.  Having reasonable accommodations in order to perform one's job functions is a huge part of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But the one thing you don't do is just shrug and not pursue anything because, "that's just the way things are."  The way things are is very often entirely accidental, and, if intentional, those intentions may need to be changed.

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