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David Griffith

In Edge and I think Chrome with most if not all executable files you are being blocked from completing a download unless you tab around to the Keep button in the  download bar alongside the warning that this type of file can harm your computer.

It used to be enough that you hit the keep  button and then the keep anyway button after the further warning message.

Now annoyingly  on my version of Edge anyway you now have to complete 3 steps.

First of all hit the keep button.

Then when the next message warning comes up hit the show more info button and finally hit the keep anyway  button after yet another warning screen.

. You may have to keep tabbing around to find these buttons.

I suspect that Microsoft are doing this because they want to channel users to their Store app in the same way Apple does.

I am going to go off to see if I can disable this level of nagging obstruction, making you hit a keep button after a warning is fair enough but 3 confirmations now is over the top.

David G.



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From: Les Kriegler
Sent: 29 July 2020 11:12
Subject: Downloading Jaws


Hi All,

I wished to download the latest version of Jaws2020 this morning using Chrome. It didn’t finish the download, and I saw a file starting with the word unconfirmed in my downloads folder. Eventually, I tried the same download with Microsoft Edge and was able to complete the download as expected. So I uninstalled and re-installed Chrome. I tried the download again using Chrome and could not complete the download. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

Best Regards,




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