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Brent Harding

Yes, I had to do that the other night to look at a site I was interested in. Even after you download the cookie, in Chrome, you have to at least whitelist their site because the security settings won't otherwise allow it to work. I do get their point that audio captchas still leave people out that can't hear or see, but having to save an email message around to get one of these whenever you encounter it is madness anyways.

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It's something cloudflare uses, and is horrible. You need to download something they call an 'accessibility cookie,' it's the most clunky workaround possible but they don't have an audio challenge.

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I'm using the most recent version of windows10 and Jaws2020.

I went to the site At times after I enter my user id
and password I'm taken to what is called hCaptcha. There is an imiage
on this page I need to see what it is. Is this something Google Chrome
is now using?

Support at didn't seem to know about




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