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Jed Barton

Ah, so the same link will work, that's awesome.

On 7/31/20, Sharon S <> wrote:
Hi, this is what we did with a meeting last night. When we got cut off, we
waited a minute or so for the host to get back on then we used the same
to go again.

I'm not sure if there is a limit to how long that one link will last but if
it is within the same day you shouldn't have any issues.

From Shaz.
Canberra, Australia.

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When the 40 minutes is up, the meeting will disconnect. Just redo the
original link and you're back in business.
At 01:38 PM 7/30/2020, you wrote:
Hey guys,

So here's a question. With the free zoom plan, i know they limit you
to a 40 minute meeting. Can you keep using that same link once the
meeting expires, and just start over, or do you have to create a new
I've got some stuff that i need to have some meetings for, and was just
curious about this.



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