moderated how to get jaws to read image src.

Patrick Murphy



This goes back to something i posted here before.

I have a buffalo link station ls440 nas device.

Whenever you need to shut it down, you are asked for a 4 digit number.

This is displayed on the screen as four images.

However, the alt attribute for each of these numbers is “number_1” “number_2” etc.

This alt attribute is assigned when the confirmation number is asked for.

So, if you try to shut it down you could get a number like 1234.

The next time it could be 4321.

However, the alt attribute always remains at “number_1” “number_2” etc.

Therefore, you don’t know what number is actually displayed.

Tried custom label, graphics labeller, hight and width of graphics, show hide tagged etc.

Nothing works.

However, by examining the element in my browser, i have determined, that the actual image file is the actual number.

e.g. if the first number being displayed on screen is the number 6:

the img tag will be:

<img alt=”number_1” src=”num6.jpg”>

So, if i could force jaws to read the actual name of the file, it would indicate to me what the four numbers actually are.

I have tried every setting i can find both in the default application settings and the browser specific settings in relation to graphics.

Nothing works!!

This is the same for jaws 2018 and 2020.

Jaws has a scripting language.

Has anyone ever used this to force something?

I have programming experience, but i haven’t had the need to script anything for jaws yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What i cannot understand, is why jaws wont assign a custom label to it. Afterall, its just an image tag!!




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