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Les Kriegler

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much. I’ll take a look and change as appropriate.





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Hi Les,


You could check your Security settings, but no matter which setting I used to download the Jaws file I didn't get any of my downloads blocked.  When you get a blocked download I believe that if you tab you'll find a More actions option that can be opened and I believe you'll have an option that you can press enter on to download anyways if for any download that Chrome is identifying as possibly being bad.  Below are steps to check your download and other security settings.


Open Chrome and press, Alt + F, to open the menu and up arrow to Settings and press enter.


Down arrow to, Privacy and Security, press enter.


Tab to, Security link, press enter.


Tab to a group of 3 radio buttons, it's about 3 tabs after pressing enter on, Security link.  These 3 radio buttons are, 1. Enhanced, 2. Standard and 3. No protection.
As you up / down arrow on these 3 radio button Jaws will read you a description of each of them.  These are your protection settings for downloads and much more.


If you change a setting it takes place immediately, but personally I would close and restart Chrome to make sure.



Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!

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Subject: Downloading Jaws


Hi All,

I wished to download the latest version of Jaws2020 this morning using Chrome. It didn’t finish the download, and I saw a file starting with the word unconfirmed in my downloads folder. Eventually, I tried the same download with Microsoft Edge and was able to complete the download as expected. So I uninstalled and re-installed Chrome. I tried the download again using Chrome and could not complete the download. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

Best Regards,



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