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Rick Miller

Or, couldn’t you also use the Alt+H keystroke to get to the chat function?  I’ve tried this.  When the box has opened I have tabbed to the list, but when I get to the list this way JAWS won’t read it.




Rick Miller


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Subject: Re: Using JAWS to Send Private Message during Zoom Meeting


Hi Rick,


If you want to send a private chat message, you need to tab past the participant list to the chat function. Hit enter there, and then go to the list of participants in the chat function. Once you find the person you want to message, hit enter and you will be able to enter text to send a private message. Finally, when you have typed the message, just hit the enter key to send the message. Hope this is helpful.




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Subject: Using JAWS to Send Private Message during Zoom Meeting


Dear Listers:


I have just recently become acquainted with Zoom and am still learning how to use it.  I know how to join a meeting both via a computer and via phone.  After I join a meeting, I know how to tab over to the list of participants.  I know that when I come to the list to press the Enter key and the list will appear and you can go through it with JAWS.  I know that in a Zoom meeting you can send a message either to everyone or privately to someone, and it is the second of these which I don’t know how to do.  When I have found a participant I want to send a private message to I have hit the Enter key to select that participant, but then when I either tab or Alt-Tab to the chat window there is always a message in it that says, “Find a Participant,” instead of showing it is a message from me to the participant.  I assume I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what.




Rick Miller


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