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I have a client who wishes to use some dictation software with JAWS.  We have tried the new Dictate add-in with Word and JAWS.  It works reasonably well, but seems to lack some of the “bells and whistles” like literal numbers or word and correction.  But for get thoughts on a page and going back and “cleaning up, it is a good choice.


I get very mixed reviews on Dragon Naturally speaking and JAWS.  I read everything from it works well to they don’t play nice together and it is difficult to set up.


Wondering about experiences anyone may have had trying to use Dragon with JAWS.  My person is running JAWS 2020, and Office 365 on a Windows 10 computer.  If it does work what do we have to do to make it so?  Also a question of a headset mic vs tabletop.  My client doesn’t care for headsets, but if a must have, a recommendation for a reasonably priced one.






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Was wondering if anyone has knowledge if Spark Instant Messenger is compatible with JAWS 2018?


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