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Milton Ota


My first suggestion to you is that you update your JAWS version to 2020.
Freedom Scientific is offering a discount to upgrade for the price that
cannot be beat. Go to their website and look for the information about the
summer convention offerings. This special will end on July 31. You have
another option and that is to install the latest version of JAWS for free
and this offering as of now will end on August 31. Again, you can find
information about this on their website. Go to:

When you install the latest version of Zoom, it will install spripts that
will give you better functionality in combination between JAWS and Zoom. The
scripts were written by Brian Hartgen and given to Freedom Scientific. If
you are wanting more functionality you might want to purchase a set of more
advance scripts from Brian Hartgen. To find out more about Brian's scripts
for purchase go to:

There are two books that are available to help you learn about all the
things you can do along with the keyboard commands. The first is "Meet Me In
The Cloud". This books is an audio book in MP3 files, available free from and is a bit old but still will help. The author is
Jonathan Mosen.

The second book is available either from the Carol Center for the Blind and
I don't remember the title of this book at the moment. I think you can also
get this book from National Braille Press at This book was
priced at $18.00 for an MS Word file.

Lastly, you can also find some keyboard commands on the Zoom website.

Downloading Zoom is Free if you are just joining a group conference. If you
are intending to host a group conference the free version will give you 40
minutes access. Zoom offers different pricing plans that you can purchase so
check their website at

Hope this helps.


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I am a jaws18 user using the latest 2004 release of Win10. I have never used
zoom, so i am wondering how easy is it to use zoom with jaws to join and be
part of scheduled meetings? Any help with this would be so very much
appreciated. Much, much thanks in advance for any possible help with this.

Kindest regards,


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Hello, after using a personal meeting ID they're always using the same link.

If you schedule them under separate meeting nights which the system creates
for you then no. And those links are available as long as you want them for.

If you're using a meeting ID that you let the system create for you. And if
you want them to convene with the same link, just scheduled a meeting for
three hours. And I'm for sure you'll be good to go.
joseph hudson

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On Jul 29, 2020, at 3:54 PM, Ann Byrne <> wrote:

I have three Zoom meetings with almost all the same people tomorrow,
one at 9:00, one at 10:00, and one at 11:00. Do I need to create
three separate meetings, or can we all reconvene thrice at the same link?


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