moderated place-marckers on websites with jaws 2019

William Windels



I work with chrome and jaws 2019.


On some webpages, not all defined marckers on a webpage are shown (from top to bottom) with letter k but, with shift plus k at the end of the page, the missed marckers are shown?


What I do:

first, i press ctrl plus home, then k,k,k,k... and then, athe end, i do shift plus k


Vispero said about that:

“The order is based on page position, not which marker you set first. It cannot be changed.

The order of place markers cannot be changed as to how they appear on a web site.”


So, with this comments from vispero: I should reach all marckers with tab if I go from top (ctrl+home) to bottom?

But this doesn’t happen.

Any idea’s?



William Windels


Incident Manager SWF

02/506 0 487 / 0477 88 4276 (ik werk niet op maandag- en vrijdagnamiddag)


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